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Associate Scientist, Discovery Biology


South San Francisco, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Life Sciences R&D/Engineering
  • Industry: Biotechnology
  • Post Date: 09/19/2022
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 333 Oyster Point Blvd, South San Francisco, CA, 94080

About NGM Bio

NGM Biopharmaceuticals is a privately-held drug discovery company committed to identifying transformational medicines that dramatically improve human health. Based on emerging human clinical and genetic observations, the company has devised several innovative experimental approaches to discover new therapies for the treatment of metabolic andcardiovascular diseases.

Job Description

NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on discovering and developing novel, life-changing medicines for people whose health and lives have been disrupted by disease.  Our biology-centric drug discovery approach aims to seamlessly integrate interrogation of complex disease-associated biology and protein engineering expertise to unlock proprietary insights that are leveraged to generate promising product candidates and enable their rapid advancement into proof-of-concept studies. As explorers on the frontier of life-changing science, we aspire to operate one of the most productive research and development engines in the biopharmaceutical industry and our research team has a track record of producing an average of one new IND candidate per year. Today the company has seven disclosed programs, including four in Phase 2 or 2b studies, across three therapeutic areas: cancer, retinal diseases, and liver and metabolic diseases.

NGM is excited to hire an Associate Scientist on our Discovery Biology team. This position requires a strong grasp of basic molecular biology lab techniques, will offer exceptional hands-on learning opportunities, and involve working closely with our scientists on innovative early-stage drug discovery programs. This role is an excellent opportunity for someone with several years of experience who wants to grow and develop in an exciting, fast paced environment and have a significant impact on drug discovery.

Core Lab Skills

  • Proficiency in standard molecular biology techniques, such as nucleic acid extraction, cloning, qPCR, western blot and ELISA
  • Competency in protein analysis, such as SDS-PAGE, western blot, and immunoprecipitation 
  • Experience with mammalian cell culture, passaging, splitting, transfection and lentivirus transduction
  • Experience in cell-based assay development: cytotoxicity assay, cell viability assay, reporter assay, and stable cell line generation
  • Working knowledge of immune-based in vitro assay, flow cytometry, and data analysis/visualization software is preferred. 
  • Experience with fluorescence microscopy, Incucyte, or other imaging methods a plus
  • Experience with in vivo methods: subcutaneous, Intravenous, and intraperitoneal injections and in vivo model development 
  • Critical evaluation and interpretation of scientific literature


  • Work with team to create experimental plans to address cutting edge research questions
  • Multitask and independently plan schedule for the efficient execution of experiments and completion of assigned tasks
  • Prepare and order reagents via the company procurement process for experiments
  • Enter and organize experimental data into an Electronic Lab Notebook system
  • Analyze experimental data using Excel and GraphPad Prism
  • Present progress reports and findings to internal audiences of collaborators
  • Perform literature searches pertinent to current projects using PubMed and Google Scholar
  • Participate and contribute ideas in scientific discussions in project meetings

Minimum Qualifications

  • NGM places our researchers into job levels based on years of experience. Candidates will be considered for the following levels using this rubric:
    • Sr. Research Associate I: Master’s with 3+ years of work experience, Bachelor’s with 5+ years of work experience
    • Sr. Research Associate II: Master’s with 6+ years of work experience, Bachelor’s with 8+ years of work experience
    • Associate Scientist: Master’s with 9+ years of work experience, Bachelor’s with 11+ years of work experience

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